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Wedding Show Swag Bags DIY

This is the first year I am pursuing my career full time so I have been really invested in branding myself and spending more on advertising locally. With a wedding show coming up in a few weeks I finally narrowed down what I would like to do, and I came up with other cool ideas that wedding vendors can use as their own swag bag inserts.

I decided to make little candy boxes since it is around valentines day I have access to a lot of heart candies at the bulk barn. I ordered the plastic 2'" x 2" boxes from amazon, and made the stickers myself using my Cricut.

It was so much fun getting to play around creatively with different ways to market yourself as a wedding vendor that I came up with a list of other ideas for wedding show swag bag inserts as well.

  • Popcorn with a cardstock wrap around with information on your services - great for videographers

  • Mint 2 be - give out mints and slap a sticker with your logo on it.

  • Scratch & Win cards - you can create your own using scratch stickers on amazon and can gift certain percentages off your service.

  • Sugar cookies - Get a cookie stamp to stamp your logo & make cute packaging

  • Small jars of local honey - love is sweet

  • Smore kit in a box - S'more love

  • Branded Pop sockets

  • Tote bags

  • Lip balm

  • Tea tins - you're Tea-rific

  • Sunglasses

  • Christmas Ornament

  • Emergency wedding kit - sewing needles, bobby pins, elastics, bandaids, safety pins

  • Scrunchies - To have & to hold your hair back

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