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What Kind Of Photographer are you?

I specialize in shooting weddings, families, maternity and couples. I consider myself quite versatile, and I am open to any fresh and exciting photography or videography opportunities. I describe my style as a lifestyle photographer who loves to direct people, and will always have poses running through my mind. With weddings I take a more documentarian approach to everything but the portrait session of the day - I will definitely be guiding you with all the fun and romantic posing. 

What should i wear to my session?

For most sessions I STRONGLY suggest neutral and earth tone colours - tan, beige, brown, white, dark green, burnt orange. I recommend staying away from patterns and designs as it draws your attention away from the moment. if you do have a pattern try and keep it to only one person who has a pattern (don't have someone wear stripes, and someone else wear plaid). I want the first thing you see in your photos to be emotion, and not the clothes - so plain and simple is always best. If this is winter PLEASE dress in layers, especially if you have little ones - when you're cold it isn't a fun time, and it shows in the photos, so even if you have a warm jacket between photos that helps.

What if the Mini gets rescheduled

All of my outdoor minis have a rain date mentioned on my website and is mentioned in the booking link required for every session. If you are unavailable on the rain date the deposit can be used towards a future mini or other session of choice. 


Please, please, please do not come to any session actively sick. I will happily reschedule you into a future mini session, or an alternate date if you have a full session. I have an infant at home with me, and when i get sick it will also affect my ability to capture other families memories, and could also get my other clients sick. Message me if you are feeling unwell and we can chat about options! If you are sick for minis please let me know and often times we can move your payments to a future mini, or other session. I would rather not spread the illness to the other 15 families i shoot that day, or the newborns I see during the week. It is best to come when everyone is in the best mood - and being sick just will not look good, or be a fun time for anyone.


All of my retainers are non-refundable and are in place to secure your booking - whether it be for a family, mini or wedding. I may have missed out on booking another client and is in place for the time spent communicating, and reserving your spot. If you were to cancel all monies paid will not be refunded, if you were to reschedule we can definitely use your payments towards a future date! If I were to for some reason cancel due to an illness or accident, every effort would be made to find a replacement, in event that I were unable to provide a replacement everything would be refunded.

What is an edited feature film?

An edited feature film is a longer, more detailed video of your day. I shoot with two cameras when filming wedding videos so I am able to capture the grooms reaction of his bride walking down the aisle AND the brides reaction as well. I edit between the 2 cameras to make everything appear very smooth, and seamless - from ceremony, speeches, and first dance- it is definitely a popular request. These videos are typically around 30- 75 minutes long depending on how long your package is, transportation time constraints, number of speeches, and how long the activities of the day are.

What if I cant make a wedding payment?

The best course of action would be to let me know as soon as you do not have the capability of doing so, if I receive more than 7 days notice I can split the payment into two, only if this advanced notice is received. late payments have a $100 fee if payment is not received within 48 hours of the due date. I depend and budget on my family needs based on my pay schedule and with a past history of constant late payments which kept resulting in overdraft fees on my end has led me to implement this decision. Imagine not being paid the time you are supposed to by your employer, it sets anyone back - especially a small business. All of my weddings receive a reminder for payment the week before AND the day before via email with my booking software so be sure to mark it as safe. I also suggest marking the payments in your calendar to remind yourself, as this is ultimately your responsibility. I appreciate your kindness and understanding with this policy, and hope we never have to implement it.

What are retouched photos

Retouched photos are my way of making your day look more uniform and getting rid of any minor annoying details, such as a pimple, power lines, or any other eyesores. I also colour correct, and adjust the exposure to make your pictures even more personalized.


For my photography packages, it can take 3-12 weeks to receive your full album - however, there will be some sneak peaks given the following week via social media. Highlight Videos typically take up to 12 weeks for delivery depending on the time of year, and my feature films are edited in January- February. Feature films generally take me around 1-2 weeks to edit so I choose to wait until the wedding season is over so I can fully focus on their day. Editing is a time consuming part of being a photographer, but I want to make sure your photos are of great quality, balancing life with my family is important to me as well so please understand I truly am working any chance I get! 

how much is the deposit?

Upon booking I require 50% for Minis & full sessions with the remainder due on the day of the shoot. For weddings i require a 25% Retainer - the remaining three payments are spread out over the time of your wedding to give you more breathing space. With my photo & video packages I offer payment plans in 4 - 8 payments based on your personal preference.

How long until I get my USB PACKAGE?

I typically have packages done by January - February of the following year due to the amount of details and local goodies will be in the box that year. Each package contains a custom wooden engraved box with some of my favourite photos from your day, along with your USB. Each year I select different NB Business to support and give back to you. I want to make sure your physical items are of quality for the years to come!

What is an unplugged ceremony?

An unplugged ceremony is when you ask all guests to turn off their phones and to refrain from taking photos during your big moment. We want your guests to be present and experience this memory with you first hand and to let the professionals do their work to capture such an important shot.I require that an announcement be made prior to the ceremony to ensure that no electronics are out, as your guests are also in the photos you will be looking back on, and the last thing you want is to see your family looking at their phones other than you! If you are looking to get some cellphone footage of your day, designate one person to capture it, preferably not a family member that will be in photos. I have implemented this as I have had shots ruined by guests stepping out into the aisle or sticking their phones out which ruins the focus on my camera and misses you walking down the aisle with your dad, or your first kiss! 

Your family should be focusing on what is happening between you two, and relax for this portion of the day. The remainder of the day is definitely free game for cellphone pics! 

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