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After 8 years of experience in captivating an audience I have decided to offer online courses in content creation, photography, social media, editing and more! These courses are currently being filmed and created in my rentable studio in uptown Saint John. They are currently not released, but feel free to sign up to be notified if you're interested in the launch discount.



Intro to photography

In this engaging online tutorial we will go over the basics to encourage you to get out of auto mode.

- Iso, aperture & shutter speed - What is it? 

- How a DSLR vs Mirrorless camera works

-  Why checking your histogram is important

-  What lens numbers mean

- Raw vs Jpeg  & why!


Meta Business Suite Basics

Learn how to navigate the world of this online & mobile application that integrates Facebook & Instagram.

- How to double post & schedule your content

- Learn the basics of Ads & how to get the right audience

- Meet your client base, and discover analytics of followers

- Algorithm tips



Content Creation Equipment 

With close to a decade of experience as a videographer I compiled a list of user friendly equipment for beginners interested in content creation for small business needs.

- Mobile Gimbals & video products

- Wireless Microphones

- Lighting solutions - Ring light, Softbox or LED lighting 



Mobile Video Editing Basics

My bread and butter. I have been an avid desktop editor for years and love to see mobile softwares offer user friendly options for an easier edit!

- Learn caput, TikTok & reel editing features

- How to discover audio, and use in capcut

- Settings for phone recordings for better quality

​- Tips to catch a users attention



Lightroom Basics

Learn how to transform your image to bring back colour, skies & create beautiful skin tones

- Hue Saturation & Levels (HSL)

- Tone Curve

- Masking ( backgrounds, eyes, skin, objects)

- Generative AI erase


Website Design Basics

Looking to start a website but aren't sure which platform is right for you? This is the video for you!

- Wix vs Squarespace

- Schedulers & hidden fees

- user friendly ratings

- Integrations - does my site connect to square POS?


Sign up for the waitlist & get deals!

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